No HiltonHonors points when Hilton sells you a vacation package!

Discussion in 'Hilton | Honors' started by Jersey City Stationmaster, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Hilton, when they sell you a vacation package, does NOT tell you they are dumping you into Priceline.
    Priceline bookings, at a Hilton property, cancels-out the ability to receive points.

    I booked a six-night stay at the Hilton Union Square, San Francisco. I thought I'd be saving money if I let Hilton book my air travel. So I went to a Hilton site and booked a hotel and air package. At NO point in this process was I alerted to the fact that Priceline, not Hilton, was doing the hotel and air booking. A Mr. Ching, a front desk supervisor at the Union Square Hilton, indicated that I would NOT receive any points but, because of my Gold status, I would get free internet; a bottle of water, and a room upgrade--if there was a vacant room.

    It appears that Hilton, intentionally or unintentionally, concealed the fact that Priceline, not Hilton, did my air and hotel bookings. Accordingly I feel I should, at least, be allowed to receive Honors points at the "Blue" membership rate--10 points for every dollar charged to my room bill.

    Am I being reasonable? Who should I contact?
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    I would think you would still get points for incidentals charged to the room. It does seem reasonable to expect points from Hilton booked vacation package. I would contact Hilton customer service and state the facts and register your disappointment. Hopefully you got a deal that is better than booking hotel and air on your own.
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    To confirm and elaborate, if you go to the hilton SF Union square (and presumably other Hiltons but I only checked this one in this case) and go to their "special offers" page, there is a direct link to book room+ car that goes to The page linked to has hilton logos, links to hhonors, copyright hilton 2013 on the bottom...

    Click all the way through to the payment screen, still hilton logo, and a link next to a field to initial that you accept the " terms and conditions", which finally takes you to the terms and conditions:

    "'s travel booking feature is powered by Priceline Partner Network Inc. ("PPN" or "we") which is owned by Incorporated. This Agreement describes the terms and conditions applicable to the services available through this website ("Site"). "


    and buried deep in the text:

    "Frequent Traveler Points. Frequent traveler points, upgrades, certificate vouchers and other discounts or incentives may not apply to PPN's hotel service."

    I invite anyone else interested to click through - it's really ridiculous just how deep this is buried. No reasonable person would be expected to find it without seeking it out. It's absolutely insane.
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