No bonus this year on Small Business Saturday!

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    In IIRC each year since its invention in 2010, Amex cardmembers got a bonus/ rebate for using their cards on SBS, such as $25 off one purchase per card or (in 2014) $10 off each purchase (max. 3) made at a "small business." Registration was required in some if not all years, so when I could not find a registration form online, I phoned Amex tonight to ask about it. The rep. told me the bad news.
    Oh well, at least we have the merchant-specific rebates, which are valid any day in a 1--3 month period.
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    AMEX does have a $10 Statement Credit for shopping at any Small Business on their "Small Business map" during the entire month of November. But it is a one time (per card?) and is not limited to Small Business Saturday.

    This is probably due to the hits that AMEX has taken this year with the loss of Costco as a partner (although Walmart/Sams supposedly take AMEX now) and many long time companies opting out of AMEX. Oh yeah, AMEX also got hit with the lawsuit voiding the long held practice of preventing merchants from telling customers that they would prefer the customer use Visa/MasterCard for their purchases.
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    Wow, this is surprising.
    I checked the small business Facebook page and there are a lot of ticked off people.

    "So Amex killed off small Business Saturdays I see, no longer running the promotion of 10.00 credits anymore i see, Sorry small businesses but I will be shopping black Friday and cyber Monday and sleep in and rest on Saturday.......was planning on doing lots of shopping but see the days been killed off."

    Comments like this are getting hundreds of likes.....

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