No AC Access for Amex Plat on Award Tix?

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  1. Mike Reed

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    Was through the admiral's club in DFW C today. There's a sign I've never noticed that said Amex Plat holders only get admittance with a same day REVENUE ticket on AA (domestically).

    Is that true? Were I to redeem for an award ticket would that disqualify me, or is this specifically talking about nonrev boarding passes?

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  2. NYBanker
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    I've never had a problem with access on award tickets. Done this easily half a dozen times.

    Perhaps the sign is getting at NRSAs?
  3. AA_EXP09

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    I have also done it.
    The PPL in YVR/YYZ is much nicer though.
    (But on awards I tend to avoid YYZ.)
  4. mrredskin
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    only time i've been to an AA club was at DFW when on an award ticket while using Amex Plat
  5. mommypoints

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    I've gotten in on award tickets before, but also have never seen a sign that said I couldn't.
  6. Bobtray

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    The T&C's, copied below, exempt emplyee travel related benefit tickets. I don't see anything about award flights, so I think they are good to go.
    Airport Club Access Program

    1 The Platinum member must be traveling. Name on ticket must match name on Platinum Card. (Ticket not required for US Airways® Clubs.) The Platinum member must be 18 years of age to enter the Airport Club Lounge without a parent or guardian for American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges. For Delta Sky Club® lounges the member must be 18 where there is no self-service bar. The Platinum member must be 21 years of age to enter into all Airport Club Lounges where there is a self-service bar. Local age restrictions apply in non-U.S. locations. The Platinum member's spouse and children under the age of 21 or up to two companions may enter the club as complimentary guests. Code-share and affiliated lounge agreements may not apply. Employee travel-related benefit tickets are not eligible with American Airlines. The Platinum Card member must present his or her valid Card, government-issued I.D., and same day airline ticket to club agents. (Ticket not required for US Airways® Clubs.) Complimentary access is specifically for the airport club that corresponds to the airline operating the flight (access pertains to the aircraft, not the flight number) except with respect to American Airlines marketed code share flights with an American Airlines flight number which are also eligible for complimentary access to the lounge. Meeting rooms may be reserved for a nominal fee. Card members must adhere to all house rules of participating clubs. For a list of participating airport club locations, call Platinum Member Services. Partners and locations subject to change. Meeting rooms may be reserved for a nominal fee.
  7. jmjgp12

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    As far as I know the requirements are to be a PLAT AMEX cardholder and be traveling on a valid AA ticket that day -- which coincides with the TandC above. I have never had an issue with gaining admission using AMEX Plat.
  8. daemon14

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    Miles are a type of revenue.

    I've booked a U award ticket for Business Class between JFK and LAX and that allows the same Admirals Club access policy as someone who bought a full-fare J ticket. Same thing for the Flagship Lounge and F/Z.

    I agree with others that it's likely directed to people flying on non-rev tickets.

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