Nigeria: How Foreign Airlines Fleece Citizens

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    Lagos — Indications emerged, weekend, that the argument often put forward by foreign airlines that high airport and navigational charges in the country were responsible for the astronomical fares they charge Nigerians may not be tenable after all, as Vanguard gathered that the charges are even higher in Ghana, where the price of air tickets are far lower.
    The Federal Government had been in a running battle for foreign airlines operating into the country to dismantle their fare disparity to make fares paid in Nigeria equivalent to those paid in other countries on the West Coast.
    Vanguard gathered that while the landing charge imposed by international airports in Nigeria per landing is $0.00909 per kilogramme, it is $7 in Ghana.
    It was also learnt that while no charge is imposed for lighting at international airports in Nigeria, the charge for a similar service in Ghana is $187.5.
    Also, parking charge in Nigeria is $0.00114kg per hour, while in Ghana, it is $0.15, even as the passenger service charge, PSCs, is $50 in Nigeria against Ghana's $100.
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