Nice fare being pushed into Business class fare code?

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    Very much enjoying studying this site - thanks all for the useful tips and tricks!

    I have a newbie question for you... Not entirely sure this qualifies as a 3X as at present I'm just cutting the base fare not YQ, but I'm struggling to figure something out about how it works. Apologies if this should be posted in another section.

    I'm looking to travel from YVR to AUH or DXB in late August/early September, via LHR. A search for this with BA brings it up as two separate flights - Base prices are an insanely expensive $1245 for YVR-LHR and a tasty looking sub-$60 LHR-DXB segment - with a decent amount of fat to look at trimming.

    Adding a segment from AUH-MCT (which I would happily make use of for a weekend break as I'm based in AUH) brings up an integrated fare from YVR-DXB with a stopover in London for the days I need to be there for $670. However - when I do this, the AUH-MCT third leg only shows up as an expensive business class fare. Searching for the AUH-MCT leg separately shows that there's plenty of availability in coach for a far lower price, but it's not showing up when searched as part of the multi-city itinerary. Adding a fourth leg (return from MCT - AUH) gives the coach price for leg 3... but now the fourth leg demands a business fare!

    Does anyone know if there's a way to prevent the final leg from from forcing me into a business fare code?


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