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    After watching the Canadian men's hockey team down Team USA while waiting for a severely delayed flight, the attendant in the MLL called all the SEs and sent them down to the concierge.

    Seems since there is virtually no chance to get a flight into LGA (or, I understand, EWR and JFK) due to dense fog this afternoon (no landings since about 1:30 p.m., I was told), it will be impossible to catch an AC flight out of any NYC airport. They took all of the SE's into the concierge office, explained options (maybe, maybe one flight late tonight) and rebooked according to our preference (mine is tomorrow morning, with a relaxed dinner in Manhattan tonight!).

    Thought it was a nice touch that they were so proactive with SE's. The last few weeks have been a test of patience travelling in the north-east!

    Check the routing (not sure how long this link will work) on the 767 they loaded up in Toronto and tried to get into LGA to clear the backlog....nice you get double miles or no miles for this flight?
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