NFL Extra Points Redemption Issue

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    Hello fellow MPers, I have the following "dilemma". I recently completed a minimum spend requirement on the NFL extra point card which awarded me 40,000 points on the program. The min spend was $2,500 so I ended up with just over 42,500 points netting me a cash value of $425 give or take. Although I usually only use points for travel and the like, I really want to purchase a new computer which is going to cost around $1,200. So this evening I redeemed my 42,500 points as a statement credit on the extra point card (which at the time had a $0 balance). My expectation was that my current balance would switch from $0.00 to -$425, thus allowing me to make the purchase and have the $425 erased from the total. I did not see any such thing so I called the points folks.

    The first rep said that it would take 30 days from the date of the redemption for me to be able to use the points. Finding this to be a bit absurd I kindly asked for a manager. The manager originally told me that they would be available on my next cycle which happens to be on 7/12. Then, later in the conversation she said 30 days. At the very end she changed her mind again and told me it would be 8/12 (my next, next billing cycle. which btw is over 30 days).

    So now I am a bit bewildered, and not sure what to do. Do you guys think Ill get the points on 7/12? Do I buy the computer today in hopes of it happening.

    The real issue is that if I really have to wait 30 days for the credit, ill wait, ask for a check given my negative balance and then use a different card for the transaction. Id prefer simplicity however, and thus would like to purchase and be credited immediately.

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    knowing Barclays, I would not expect it to post by July 12.
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