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    Three things you should know about the IFE (Interesting, Fun, and Enlightening) on milepoint this month.

    Milepoint Guides are here, there, everywhere - and they're here to help you. Got a travel question? Post it and if another member doesn't get there first a Guide will soon swoop in to point you in the right direction. They don't know everything about travel, but they know where to find the answers and are happy to point you in the right direction. And if you aren't sure where to post your question, you can go directly to the Guides for advice.

    It has been said that most comedy is rooted in pain. Perhaps that explains why this trip report written by eightblack, titled "Hot Sauce. Bathrooms. And Me.", is so excruciatingly funny. Seriously, if you are currently eating and/or drinking something, don't read this tale. If you work in a quiet office where outbursts of uncontrollable laughter might be frowned upon, don't read this report. Bookmark it for later and read it at a time and place when your natural human bodily reactions won't cause concern, trauma, or damage to physical equipment - though that isn't what happens in the report.

    Though milepoint is still a very young community, less than two months old, it already contains odd assortments of travel and destination information you cannot find anywhere else on the entire world wide web. Take for instance this discovery by gleff who stumbled onto a good Mexican restaurant outside of DC, located in the back of a gas station. Allow us to repeat that for effect - there actually is a good Mexican restaurant in the DC area!

    One More Point for the Road
    We know your time is limited and your inbox is perpetually filled, so we're going to keep the monthly On Point newsletter short and to the point (as it were). In between newsletter cycles, we invite you to check out the new On Point forum, where the milepoint team will announce new features, updates, meetups, and miscellaneous initiatives of interest to the community. And each newsletter will be archived there as well in case you want to read one you missed, or locate a thread that was featured.

    Thank you for reading the first issue of On Point - the newsletter for milepoint members.
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