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    This monday morning SAS have release the news about Eurobonus 2.0.

    It show what most have expected about the new level Diamond. But also news that the Gold level is the same and basically nothing is changed from my point of view.

    But silver is bad - it is getting easier to get with only 10 trips but the 15% extra earnings is gone.

    Read more here:

    (Sorry but it is in danish but Google Translate can help with UK version:

    What do you think about this?

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    SAS was handing out information about it in Arlanda this morning, they seemed surprised that this site existed and that the tweet site exists too but that is normally where I would go to learn about things like this. nothing on the web site but that was no surprise.

    What do I think about it? I only fly SAS for the Eurobonus gold otherwise it is really almost Ryan air of Sweden but the EBG makes it worthwhile with the lounge and fast track access. How does the new stack up? I just clear 50K points each year and sometimes even this is with argument with SAS and their eurobonus department so the concept of Diamond is unlikely but who knows.

    What has changed???

    I can give away a silver card I think my wife already is silver so I guess I can give it to my 5yo daughter who has almost 8K points this year and will do her first unaccompanied later on this year but can't see her using many of the silver options maybe the free wifi but that's pretty rare on any SAS flight I have certainly never encountered it on SAS except on Norwegian air.

    Increased availability of award trips, didn't know this was a problem but perhaps it is for some.

    Two extra bags, might be useful from time to time.

    Calls and text messages to other Eurobonus members.....not too sure I understand this one.

    For me a slight lowering of the points needed for gold and better access to upgrades would be more key but I may use some of the options on the table. A widening of the star alliance to include Aeroflot would make my points climb faster but looking at the new package can't really see much to get too excited about.
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    In my opinion this is great. Because if youre on Diamond you can give somebody a Goldcard and if youre on gold you can give away a Silver card. So this means my whole family is coverd!

    Then they have Eurobonus Connect which means that if youre an Eurobonus member you can communicate free of charge cia SMS or Calling (Not sure how it will work though).:(

    And within the Gold Card you also have better resources for Bonus Traveling.:cool:

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