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  1. Hello all! Very new to FF and Travel hacking. I'm trying to learn as much as I can, and one thing that I'm looking into is donating miles. Is it possible to donate your miles to say someone that needs to go overseas on a missions trips or the like? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to MP, Rodney.

    Are you talking about donating a single set of miles (say 40k) from your United Mileage Plus account to a specific person, or are you talking about a bunch of people consolidating their miles so that someone can go on mission?

    If it is the former, there is no real "process" in place. You just find the availability and book the reward like you would for a friend/relative. Be upfront with the airline so that nothing goes awry in the process. If it is the latter, I don't know if that is possible. I know that most of the airlines have programs set up to donate to various charities... but yours may not be on the list.
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    Welcome. Some FF programs permit you to transfer miles officially between accounts, but the fees for doing so are close to the price for outright purchase of the miles (and sometimes more than the miles are actually worth), so that this option doesn't make sense unless possibly if one account is very close to having the number of miles required for an award. In general, trying to transfer miles or consolidate accounts is not a good idea.
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    Welcome to Milepoint !
    Yes, donating or transferring miles is expensive. But you can buy a plane ticket for anyone with your miles without any cost or hassle. At least, all the airlines I know of allow this. So, if you have enough miles to get them where they want to go, it's easy.
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    Hi! :)

    I am involved with a small foundation that runs a surgical humanitarian mission annually to Philippines. I don't have any specific information or personal knowledge of accepting or donating miles to groups for airfare of the mission participants, as we all have purchased tickets from the various airlines that fit our budget, schedule and fly from the participants cities. We then earn the miles for later use, and the cost of the airfare is a tax deduction as a charitable donation.

    Are you interested in learning how to donate miles for a group's participants to go on a mission or how to get miles donated to you so you can participate in a mission? This info might be able to aid members to specifically address your question better. :)
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    A few options:

    1. You can transfer miles for a (extraordinarily high) fee.
    2. You can book reward tickets for anyone you wish.
    3. You can donate to select charities.
    4. If you transfer miles to an account controlled by a charity, you may be able to receive tax breaks on fees and the value of the miles.
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  7. Both questions really :) Ideally, I'd like to be able to donate FF miles in the future to help people going on missions. And hopefully, I can show mission orgs how to get FF miles to help their missions.

    Thank you everyone for the help. Great answers to my question. I'm actually going on a missions trip to the Philippines in June. It was a last minute thing, so I won't have enough miles myself to cover for it. I've been loosely affiliated with many mission organizations and once I heard about TH, I've been thinking of ways to use it for social good. Showing orgs like these how to TH might be a good way to support them, the majority of these trips cost is tied up in airfare.
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    Hi Newbie, and welcome!

    First lesson for newbies though is to make the thread title more descriptive so people can easily figure out what you're asking.

    But as for your question, I'm not sure about all airlines, but as many above have pointed out, you can just book the tickets under the pax names without actually donating the miles.
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    Welcome as well to MilePoint. A resource you might look at that has a lot of information on this topic is
  10. Thank you!
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