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Discussion in 'US Airways | Dividend Miles' started by Aktchi, May 14, 2011.

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    A family member may join US Air and has suggested that I would qualify for pass travel in his account (not buddy-pass, but as immediate family permanently listed on his account).

    I realize that MP is mostly about earning/burning miles. Is there another forum better suited to learning about nonrev travel? Basics as well tricks of the trade.

    Starting with zero knowledge, I do have some basic questions:

    1. Is domestic nonrev travel allowed only on US or other airlines as well?

    2. Is international nonrev travel allowed only on US or other airlines as well? In particular, can one nonrev to Asia where US does not go, but *A partners do?

    3. I realize that I may be standby, but are you on stand by in connecting cities as well?

    Of course, I could ask my family member too, but he too is new and does not inspire confidence quite yet. One thing I have learnt at MP/FT is that experienced flyers often know more than employees. [​IMG]
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    Hi Aktchi!

    There actually is a website for assisting non-rev passengers called NONREV CHECKIN
    I do not have any real experience with the site, but see if you find it helpful. :)
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    I have a fair amount of experience with NRSA travel, but only on AA. (Non-revenue space available = NRSA).

    As a family member you will have a lower priority pass than an actual employee. There are very few empty seats nowadays, so depending when you go you might have a really hard time getting on a plane. If you connect, you have a higher priority than non-revs who are originating in your connecting city, but you are still standby.

    The best advice is to try to plan your travel when the loads are lightest, which means mid-week, mid-day.

    An employee can purchase a reduced rate ticket on other airlines, but I don't think you can do that. Another question is with US being a melange of companies, is your employee contact with mainline US or an affiliate carrier? I honestly don't know if, for example, a Republic employee has travel privileges on mainline US or vice versa.

    My Dad is an AA retiree, and has non-rev'd all over the world, but now, due to his age and the extremely high load factors, he rarely travels any more. He came here at Christmas and it was hard for him to get here and harder to get back. You have to have FLEXIBLE travel plans and be very patient. But, sometimes you get to ride in the front!

    I hope this helps.

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