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    Hello. I'm new to Milepoint. Glad I found this website! Although I love to travel, I never really thought about joining a Frequent Flyer program before. I always just looked at them as something "regular" people wouldn't benefit from, and that they were mostly for business travelers.

    I don't remember exactly what I typed into google, but I found the Frugal Travel Guy's website, and it all snowballed from there.

    Since then, my husband and I have started earning miles. We chose the Chase Sapphire card, because we have existing relationships with Chase, in addition to it giving out a large sign up bonus for miles. EWR is our home airport, and we figure we will most likely always fly United.

    Anyway, I tried looking around the forums, but couldn't find anything specific about families/couples accruing and using their miles. For those of you who are married or have families, how do you handle this? Do you try to earn your miles evenly between all accounts, or do you designate one person's account to be the one that you earn all of the miles into (surveys, credit cards, etc)?

    Any advice you can recommend for a newbie would be appreciated!
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    Typically, people will open FF accounts for every member of the family. Relative to earning miles / points from surveys, credit cards, etc., my wife and I tend to capture as many miles in each account as possible. If both husband and wife apply for credit cards you can "double" your take of miles.

    For the most part, it does not matter who has the most miles / points - just that you get as many points as possible.
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    Welcome to Milepoint!

    Its great! It gives you double the earning potential! Although if one spouse travels more than the other there may be puts and takes. That's one of the reasons the Ultimate Rewards Points are so good. We can balance out each other's UA accounts for example, by transferring UR points. My wife and I do our churns off cycle from each other (e.g. 2-3 months off), that way we can hit minimum spend fastest.
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    FWIW, in our case I tend to be the bigger mile earner and the bigger redeemer in our relationship. I fly more than Mrs, and also earn miles most in other ways. But we don't really worry about it. When I redeem miles for the both of us to take a trip, it's all good. I suspect it's better to have a bigger account in place because then there are enough miles to redeem for that big trip. Mrs is about to have enough for a nice redemption, and we'll go for it, but it doesn't really matter whose points get used on a given redemption because we're both travelling together.
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    In general its too expensive to transfer miles from one account to another, so they'll just have to stay put and redeemed by whoever earned them. Some programs (US Air?) won't let you transfer miles at all, period.

    The exceptions are... Chase UR points can be transferred for free between members of the same household, instantly, at any time. So you might want to pick one person and move all the points there before transferring them out to United, Hyatt, whatever. British Airways lets you create a family account with the ability to use the miles in all the individual accounts (not much use to you as a UA flyer though). Not sure what else.

    If you're not reading the mommypoints blog on BoardingArea you might find it relevant.
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    I am a newbie myself but if one of you has status on United you might want that person collecting the miles. My husband does and he has more flexibility in terms of avoiding fees than I do. I recently booked a trip to Europe before I learned about all the great advice here and paid through the nose in fees!

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