Newbie Question: AA Elite Miles vs Segments

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by SgtPeppers, Apr 11, 2011.

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    I have just started flying AA more often than any other airline. Also, have been wanting to get to GOLD status. Would really appreciate if you guys can help me.

    Can someone please help me understand:
    • Elite Miles - If I fly 600 miles, does that directly translate to 600 elite miles?
    • Elite Segments - I need some 21 segments to get to GOLD, are all segments counted towards this status? or is there only some segments that count towards the status?
    • Now, if I complete either one of these elite miles, elite points or segments, would I get GOLD or will I need all three of them?
    Confused. :confused: Totally.:(
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    Quick answers ...
    • Elite Miles - Yes, butt in seat miles 600 flying miles = 600 EQM (elite qualifying miles)
    • Elite Segments - Yes, all segments on AA aircraft count as EQS (elite qualifying segments) [as it applies to domestic flying, others will chime in on oneworld partners and int'l travel]
    • Any one of the qualifying will result in Gold status, do not need all 3
    • Don't forget about EQP (elite qualifying points) based on the inventory class purchased. Visit flyerguide for details on fares to determine EQP
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    Welcome to AA! Hope you'll enjoy it like the rest of us. ;)

    For a bit more detail....

    EQM - As mentioned above, all miles flown on AA or on any other airline with an AA code share earns the same EQM as the miles flown. There is one exception: Flights between North America and Latin America in fare class O do not earn any mileage. Flights on AA's Oneworld partners earn EQM according to the charts found on this webpage. Take care if flying with Oneworld partners, if you aren't careful you can really lose a lot of mileage in the wrong fair class.

    EQS - All segments flown on AA or on any other airline with an AA code share earns EQS. Similar to EQM, EQS is earned on Oneworld partners as long as it's a fare class that is mileage eligible.

    EQP - Flights on AA or any other airline with an AA code share earn 1.5x EQP if you buy a First class, Business class, or full fare Economy ticket. Discount economy earns between 1 and .5 EQP depending on the fare class listed here. Again, check the charts listed above for EQP earning on Oneworld partners.

    For full details, check the Flyerguide page as mentioned above for earning information! Also, if you're eager for Gold or Platinum status, why not consider a challenge? It'll get you there sooner for a small fee, but you need to meet certain benchmarks in a short period of time.

    Good luck!

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