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    hi everyone.
    I'm new to this website and community, and a have few questions for anyone who's willing to answer.

    So i'm intresting about the chase Sapphire Preferred Card, it say that you earn 2x points on trip and dinnig expands and 1x points on other things. But the thing is i'm not american and i do not live in the US, in fact i'm french and i live in Paris. So does the points collection work thre too ? And in an other currency than dollars, Euros in my case ?
    When they says all purchase, is it really ALL purchase like at my local supermaket, at the movie theater, the book store ect ? Or is it just on the internet and just in partner store ?

    When i want to suscribe to the chase prferred card i nedd to fill up my city and state, but it's only for US... Should i put fake info ?All tutorial and guides are for dollar so i wonder if it's work with other currency.
    Does a card work for european resident ?

    Also unlike some of you guys i'm not a globe trotter all i want is to travel spending minimum amount of money at least once in a year, is it worth it ? Also how many points do you need to collect for a Paris-London, Paris-milan , paris-madrid... ?
    Let's say I spend 500/700 € per month, how many points should i collect and how many time could i travel ?

    Thanks P.S: sorry for the bad english..
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    Hi titi 94, and welcome to InsideFlyer.

    I'll try to help answer some of your questions, but first a word of explanation:

    Most credit cards issued in the United States are limited to persons who are United States citizens or residents and have a United States mailing address. It also helps (and for some cards is required) to have a United States Social Security number or Tax Identification Number. Some of these requirements are the result of laws passed to combat money-laundering, drug selling, and terrorist financing, so the Banks are required to take them seriously, or face fines from the U.S. Government. In other words, these are not just something the banks have decided (and which they might relax for you), they are rather strictly enforced.

    That's the reason the applications ask you for your address, and often your Social Security number. Your thought of just making up an address won't work for a couple of reasons: The address you give is the address to which the card would be mailed, so a false address doesn't work.

    Even if you have a friend in the United States who would let you use his address and receive mail for you, that's not a good enough solution since the bank that issues the card will also want to do a credit check on you. A credit check is usually done by Social Security number but it could be done by running your name and address through the credit bureau's records. If you give a false social security number, the records are likely to show the mismatch (even if the number you give is a real Social Security number, the name won't match).

    And even if they just use your address, they will find no credit history for you at that address. A bank is very unlikely to issue a credit card to someone with no credit history. Oh, there are some ways around that (for instance where you deposit a sum of money with the bank and they issue a credit card limited to that amount), but I don't see how those would work without a valid address.

    And one last reason you don't want to use false information -- it is a Federal crime to submit false information on a material matter on an application for credit. You probably would not be prosecuted for doing it one time since you wouldn't be approved for the credit, but your name would likely go into computer files and if you later apply for a credit card or other credit, like a mortgage loan from a US financial institution, that information might surface and deny you the credit. Additionally, even applying for a visa could cause a records check, and result in a bar to entry. All in all, not a good idea.

    You might want to check what credit cards are available in France, and try to work through those.

    I'm sorry to seem so negative, but it really isn't a good idea.
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    Your comment is not a negative, but an honest fact.

    The real way to play the game us to apply for CC about every 3 months, and go for the sign up miles....but you do have to follow the rules.,
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    Good luck! Hope you can make it work for you.

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