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    Thanks so much to all of the contributors on MP. I have been studying the forums for the last few days and it's opened my eyes to a whole new world!

    I'm about to embark on my first couple of rewards cards and I was looking for some advice on my strategy. I will be applying for a personal credit card as well as a business card (business card must be non-amex).

    Option 1: All in on Southwest. Get the personal and business card, 100k pts. I already have almost 10k pts so I think getting the companion pass should be no problem. Can I apply for the personal and business card at the same time? Will chase approve 2 accounts? Is there a 2 browser trick for this one as well? I have excellent credit, 850 range.

    Option 2: All in on Hilton. I already have gold status but very few points. I was looking at applying for the citi hhonors visa, hhonors amex, and possibly even the hawaiian airlines visa since they allow 2x point transfer. That could get me a 150k pt total haul. Is it possible to apply for 3 cards in a short period of time since they are all from different banks? Unfortunately hilton has no business card so I'm not sure which direction to go for business card.

    I will have no problem making minimum spend on any of the cards. When I actually travel all payments are made on the company card so I usually don't get to take advantage of any spend bonuses with hilton/southwest.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!
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    Welcome to the Credit Card side of award travel. Glad you could finally join us!

    That is a monster credit score, congrats.

    1. No 2-browser trick for Chase or for personal and business cards that I know of. You can apply for both on the same day and have no problems BECAUSE of that. You would only have problems if you applied for a couple of Chase card the past 60 days or have a bad history with Chase.

    2. Hilton Citicard does have a 2-browser trick. I am not sure if anybody has tried Hilton Reserve + Hilton 50k HHonors but that would be a good combination.

    You could also throw in both Bank of Hawaii and Bank of America Hawaiian Airlines cads at same time.

    This plan could net you 190,000 HHonors points + 2 Free Weekend nights. Not too bad.

    If you get the two Southwest and the Hilton Citi 2 browser trick that is fine for an app run. Some people might even add on the two Hawaiian Airlines cards.

    It all depends on your tolerance for risk and ability to meet min spend requirements.

    As you did not specify any aspirational travel or your location I can not level up your app plan or kick it in its face.

    Sounds all good from my view.

    Best of luck and if you have any questions there is no better forum to ask.
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    Why not just do both option 1 & option 2? They're all spread out among the issuer's and since you state you have no problem with the spend requirement.

    A slight consideration for the BofA HHonor haul. Why not do Vigin Atlantic? More potential points. 70 vs 100 (if memory serves correct)

    Thus for 2 Chase (1P/1B), 1 Amex, 1 Citi, 1 BofA you'll get
    • 100k SWA RR
    • 80k ~ 100k HHonors (there's a 50k Amex HHonor that ends 8/31 & there is a 50k Citi HHonor somewhere)
    • 50k Virgin Atlantic that can xfer to 100k HHonor.

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