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    Just returned from a family trip to Hawaii and was pondering if we could have done it cheaper. Started looking around and discovered this forum and some blogs, all of which I am sure you guys are familiar with. Realized I just spent a lot of money I didn't need to spend. Oh well. Live and Learn. That won't happen again.

    From the East Coast US. usually fly out of EWR, but also use PHL, ABE, JFK, LGA

    I know nothing in life is free, but sometimes it can be a whole lot cheaper!

    Retiring young in 2 1/2 years and plan to travel a whole lot more.

    We usually take one monster vacation and 2-3 smaller trips a year. I do not travel for business.

    Trips I hope to make (I guess these are my goals and what I'll be working toward)
    - back to Hawaii
    - back to Tahiti (we went 20 years ago for our honeymoon)
    - Dive trip with the family to Papua New Guinea.

    Working on signing up for everything I need to, looking into app-o-rama, checking out matrix iTA and reading all the boards, hints, tips etc.

    All advice accepted and appreciated.

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    Check your credit at Credit Karma, and see where you stand..

    Applying for credit cards seems to be the fastest way.
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    Welcome to MilePoint.
    Feel free to ask questions. People are helpful on this site.....and there is a good deal of travel knowledge.

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