New website rates flights by service and amenities

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    Have you found yourself satisfied on one trip and unhappy on another, though you're flying the same airline to the same destination?

    A new website, Routehappy, now tells you why by scoring each flight on 700 airlines, and showing how services and amenities vary widely within a single carrier.

    For instance, Routehappy gives Delta flight 2365 from Los Angeles to Honolulu 3.5 stars out of five, largely because the 767 aircraft offers audio and video on demand, and most of the seats have power outlets.

    But Delta's other two flights on the same route earn scores of 2 stars because the in-flight entertainment is overhead, which Routehappy characterizes as "shared video screens, just like the olden days," and there are no outlets to plug in your laptops.

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    Interesting concept... :)

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