new ways of making more miles in united account

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    The new way united airline count and add miles to you account is by the price you pay for ticket multyply by 5 and that all you will be making in miles ,,,,the newer way is to use a other airlines from staralinces and pay for the ticket in other web side not paying on united airlines web side ad your united airline miles plus number all the miles will be transfer and the partner airline will give you more miles,,,,,the only think you need to check is the type of ticket letter the partner will give you,each one pays difrent miles,for example Asians airlines pays 50% on other W low economy ticket,that more miles per tryp using united airline ticket,,,other member star alinces airlines pay more or less miles ,need to see the chart on united airlines plus,,,
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    Not quite. Where you buy the ticket does not matter in the vast majority of scenarios. If you fly on UA metal and credit to UA then you earn by spend, even if purchased elsewhere. And if you credit elsewhere the purchase channel also does not matter. Though, as you note, earning rates will vary and the cheaper fares are likely to not be so useful in other programs either.

    As for earning more UA miles, spend more or earn via partners.
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