New UA LHR T2 annoyances and benefits

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    With the delayed bag fiasco, I ended up driving from nearby hangouts to LHR to talk with the luggage team on daily basis for several days in late June. I experienced various aspects of the new T2.

    Here are some observations on the LHR T2 functionality.

    For those with delayed bags and business inside the luggage halls, where the UA luggage team works, there are access problems. There is a phone by the last door on the right as you face into T2, i.e. the airside access for employees, with the various airline luggage reps supposedly on call. When I arrived, a line had formed, with disgruntled pax trying to contact UA baggage staff without any success. More than 30 minutes elapsed with no response to anyone's call until, just a recorded message and many voicemails left, until luckily, an AC officer came past and asked us if we were waiting for UA. She guested us into the area and called UA's folks from there, so finally we got through.

    The actual UA luggage people including Ashmi tried to be helpful, but my problem was, no UA tag had been attached. One manager was able to match the content inventory and bag type and have the bag sent, or it might have been even longer than ten days delay.

    I can say, the security screening is taken very seriously, IMO more seriously than the regular pax lines.

    Irony: I was outside this door at the actual moment Supreme Leader Jeff was upstairs gladhanding with the Queen, talking about the future of aviation, etc. for the formal opening of the renewed Queens Terminal. Deja-vu.... I remember being there as a kid in 1977 for the original opening of the previous facility, when the fanfare was distinctly DILBERTIAN.... at some point later, the Gaullists took over. At the end, the previous T2 was old, but much quieter and quicker and easier to navigate than the other, newer terminals and the Gaullist lounge had a great runway view. But I digress.

    Anyway, I refrained from moving upstairs and voicing my opinion of Jeff's amenities to the assembled media (Aaron, Jeff, you can thank me later, or at least reimburse me promptly for my delayed bag expenses!).

    But. Not everything is bad.

    The T2 Arrivals Lounge: at last, here is a good idea, well-executed, and useful indeed. An actual flyer-__-friendly facility! It closes at 1230pm I think. The amenities were very welcome, much like the old CO Arrivals Lounge at LGW. Showers, hot breakfast, clothes press, internet etc.

    Meanwhile, broader Star functionality is not assured. TK was supposed to migrate their operations there when I was in town and the flashing signs by the A4 access road said so...the next week, they reminded everyone that TK was still operating from I suspect, not all is going as well as it should.

    T2 resembles the Dilbertian lair at T5 in style and architectural form, with its vertical stacking, limited elevator access and general size and layout. I'm not a fan but at LHR there's no floor area available for terminal expansion and this is the only way to develop new buildings.

    I suppose LHR - including this new T2 - isn't the worst airport in the industrial world any more, but it's still far from the best.
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