New "smart tray" for airline travelers with tablets

Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by sobore, Dec 19, 2012.

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    It’s a good bet that many travelers this busy holiday season will be using some kind of technology during their flight.

    Now, a Valley inventor has come up with a way to make things easier for travelers with tablets.
    It’s a new “Smart Tray”, which offers more room for you to use your tablet while flying the friendly skies.
    Seasoned travelers say it gets frustrating when there’s no room for anything else on your tray but your tablet.

    “Whenever the food or beverage comes, they usually have to put their tablet away,” says traveler Maryelle Ramsey.

    Enter Valley inventor Nick Pajic, who noticed travelers struggling with the limited space on the tray table. That triggered his idea for the Smart Tray. It’s a simple idea of adding a slot in airplane trays to allow people to prop up their tablets.

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    Another way to get lots of germs from nasty people who sat in your seat before you. :)
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    Yes, let's leave a groove in the tray for crap to collect, and then lets put our handheld devices in them. I'm not normally a germophobe, but this sounds bad even to me.

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