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Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by MSYgirl, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Air travel is, in many ways, a classist system: those who can afford to pay for a luxurious, spacious and overall more hospitable experience are literally "first class," while the rest of us are relegated to the cheaper, cramped and frill-less "economy" section. The biggest caveat of sitting in the economy part of the plane is undoubtedly the seats themselves. Not only are they made out of cheap, flame-retardant foam, but they're also all the same size, which can be a problem considering people aren't all the same sizes.

    Realizing this, British design firm Seymourpowell has presented a very obvious and ingenious solution to the problem: custom seat sizing. Dubbed "Morph," the new seating concept involves a bench-like piece of furniture that can adjust to an individual person's needs, accommodating petite, tall or big-boned folk with a touch of a button. Each seat "bench" is covered with stretchy fabric over a foam base that is clamped down by the armrests, which can also be extended out for a larger platform (so no more armrest hogs).

    OP note: Since I almost always have a window seat, I leave the armrest to the middle pax. Custom seat sizing could prove interesting, but would the airlines consider it versus charging a larger person for two seats? Sounds like a revenue loss for them, i.e. scrap it.
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    You really should watch the "Morph" video that accompanies this article. It does a decent job of explaining what the plans and functions are for this adjustable bench seat in airplanes. It remains to be seen if the "Morph" will be used by the airlines, but I expect that if the majors figure that they can make some extra profit by using it, there's nothing to stop them from doing so. :(
    My bigger worry with the "Morph" is getting up out of my seat to walk down the aisle of the aircraft, and then returning to my seat to find that my "luxurious" 17"-18" width airplane seat has been decreased in size to a 12" width by the clown sitting in the seat next to mine! :eek:
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