New rules aim to improve meals on flights in China

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    In response to widespread complaints about the quality of in-flight meals on domestic flights, the Chinese government is drafting safety norms on in-flight meals, which among other things will cap the time from production of hot in-flight meals to their consumption at 36 hours.

    The regulations being drafted will also cover the sourcing, processing, storage and distribution of in-flight meals, putting mandatory standards in place.

    "At the nation's 64 airports there are 102 in-flight meal companies, of which more than 20 don't have food laboratories and 40 don't have food-safety specialists on staff, with some failing to test finished meals at all," said Zhang Tongji, an industry insider.

    The draft regulations also cap the time from completion to consumption for cold in-flight meals at 24 hours. In addition, the temperature of hot meals must be reduced to less than 10 degrees Celsius within four hours of production, before being stored in a low-temperature environment at 4-10 degrees Celsius for two hours. Meals should be packaged in an environment of below 12 degrees Celsius, and the packaging process should be completed within 45 minutes. After the meals have been prepared, they should be stored in a refrigerator at 0-5 degrees Celsius and retrieved two hours before the flight. The temperature in the storage space for the meals cannot exceed 15 degrees Celsius

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    An idea whose time has come! I'd be concerned about the safety of airline food in China, given the description of no hot or cold-holding of food at proper temperatures, and lack of food testing and food safety measures. There have been quite notable outbreaks of foodborne illness on international flights in the past, with 167 cases of shigellosis with an air carrier originating in Hawaii in 2004, and 75 cases of cholera on a flight from Peru to LA. There should be greater international regulation regarding food safety of meals served on airlines. And I'm not just talking about learning what that "mystery meat" was that I once had on a flight in the former Soviet Union! :eek:
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    ANY improvement will be good
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