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  1. In Denver, Colorado, usable and functional roofs exist on every block. At the first hint of 65 degree weather, the entire city spends their happy hour boozing on these upper piazzas, gazing west at the massive wall of snow-dusted Rocky Mountains and the epic sunsets they produce. It’s a tragedy how scarce our venue options are in a city as jam-packed with impressive views as San Francisco.
    Thankfully, Jones has graced the Tenderloin nightlife scene. Opened last October, Jones is a bar and restaurant, although the real reason to make the effort here is the huge, heated, outdoor terrace. Lounge with a cocktail in hand, perhaps a San Frantastic with blood orange vodka and elderflower liquer, and nosh on oysters, filet mignon tartar, or fried chicken and waffles. Brunch is served on Sunday and involves such decadence like chocolate stuffed French toast or croque monsieur. The sleek interior feels industrial, minimalist chic, and the bar is accented by slim bar stools perfect for perching.
    Jones is located on Jones St off of Geary St and nestled next to the historic Gaylord Suites. Enter through the towering steel gates just to the right of the ornate columns of the 1929 landmark building. There’s nowhere like this in San Francisco and the only other outdoor terrace as spectacular as this is at Club Oasis across the bridge in Oakland, but that’s a story for another day.
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