New report on the airline industry calls for customer-centric response to irregular operations

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    A major independent global study appeals to the airline industry to take a fresh look at the age-old frustration of delayed or cancelled flights, in order to drive loyalty and reduce the impact of irregular operations on its customers, both now and in the future

    .‘Passengers first: Re-thinking irregular operations’, written by Norm Rose of travel industry research authority PhoCusWright, and commissioned by Amadeus, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, aims to provide airlines with practical strategies to improve responses to irregular operations, urging airlines to place a greater focus on the impact of disruptions on each passenger’s trip experience as part of operational decision-making during times of disruption.

    The report argues that a customer-centric approach to handling irregular operations may overcome some of the disparities between how airlines and passengers can sometimes perceive delays. For instance, providing greater alternative travel choices for travelers that take into account their individual reasons for traveling, which in turn could positively affect future booking behaviour. At the same time, the processes used to manage delays and cancellations today, including scheduling, customer communications and re-accommodation, often tend to be flight-centric, rather than customer-centric; something which the report argues must change. - See more at:

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  2. that could be timely because since the industry is getting busier and more profitable I see some signs of arrogance returning as they try to charge more and more for flights. Irritants like change fees, baggage charges, etc. are starting to wear thin on many passengers and staff are sometimes unwilling to process change fees at the gate when they are busy loading passengers. At AC you cannot bypass the change fee to get on an earlier flight for example. That kind of business model is unsustainable but the airlines have never been known for customer friendly ethics.
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