New MR and United Mileage Plus partnership

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    Most of you should have read about this, but just in case:

    in my opinion, a one-sided benefit and the winner is no MR. A very very bad move in my opinion.. what was MR thinking about when agreeing to his? High on drugs?:confused:

    Looking fwd to more crowded lounges and more hotels devaluing their recognition of Gold and Platinum members...:oops:

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    MileagePlus Premier Silver status provides:
    • Complimentary access to Economy Plus at check-in (when available);
    • Complimentary Premier Upgrades (when available);
    • Premier Access(SM) priority airport services;
    • One complimentary standard checked bag (50 lbs.);
    • 25% Premier bonus award miles on United flights
    Marriott Rewards Gold Elite status gives you:*
    • Lounge access and breakfast at select Marriott locations
    • Room upgrades(when available)
    • Complimentary Internet access
    • Priority late check-out
    • 25% bonus points and much more
    Enhanced miles and points benefits coming soon:*
    • Convert Marriott Rewards points to MileagePlus miles at a 20% discount.
    • Receive 10% more MileagePlus miles when you book the trip of a lifetime and redeem for a Marriott Rewards Travel Package–up to 12,000 more miles
    • All MileagePlus Premier members can convert their MileagePlus miles into Marriott Rewards points at a 1:1 ratio, up to 50,000 miles per year.
    Enhanced miles and points benefits coming soon:*
    • Premier members can convert miles into Marriott Rewards points at a 1:1 ratio, up to 50,000 miles per year
    • Enjoy a 20% discount when you convert Marriott Rewards points into MileagePlus miles
    • Book the trip of a lifetime and receive 10% more miles when you convert to a Marriott Rewards Travel Package, a bonus of up to 12,000 miles
    The side-by-side comparison of perks is offered without commentary, but take a look here, here and here for alternate, potentially explanatory, perspectives.;)
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    My guess is that Marriott saw the recent Starwood/Delta hookup and became nervous about getting an airline for itself before they're gone.

    AA/US seem preoccupied with the merger now and from the viewpoint of a hotel program, why sign up with an entity that could be totally different in a few months. In addition, what happens if AA signs with one hotel chain now and US signs with a different chain simultaneously?

    This leaves Alaska, Frontier, Southwest, JetBlue, and worse (Spirit?) as potential matches for the major hotel programs: Hilton, Hyatt, IC, and others suc as Carlson.

    I guess UA realized that they had the bargaining power in this situation: there are more decent hotel programs than good airlines with good FF programs at this time.
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