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    Today we're releasing the much awaited improvement to the Mobile Edition of ExpertFlyer. We have reworked the mobile site to be much more touch device friendly with an enhanced user experience. Now when you browse to the ExpertFlyer mobile site ( on any iPhone, iPod, Andriod, PalmOS, Windows Phone 7, or recent BlackBerry device, the newer version of the mobile site will automatically appear.
    We have leveraged the full power of these modern devices to create an enhanced experience, now the most powerful tool for frequent flyers is even easier to use on the go. For older and non-touch capable devices, the original mobile site will still be used.
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    assume mobile site will remain premium only??
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    Interesting: I tried loading the new mobile site on my Nokia E71 (a Symbian non-touch phone) .

    When I used the Opera Mobile browser, I got the old, non-graphical site.

    However, when I switched to the native Symbian browser (the one that came with the phone), I got the pretty new graphical interface. Since the phone is non-touch, I do need to navigate to the various links etc, but otherwise it works just fine! :)
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    Yes, we continue to add functionality to our Premium service while keeping the price the same.

    That's because the E71 uses Webkit as it's browser engine (same as iOS, Andriod, and newer BlackBerry devices) and as such it can handle the CSS and JavaScript used. Glad to hear it's working well for you.

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