New Member... Goal is to do half marathons in each state

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by augustussmash, Mar 1, 2014.

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    Good Afternoon - I'm a new member from the Detroit area, life goal is to do a half-marathon in each state. To accomplish this, it would be wise to take advantage of deals / miles. I've been a part of another deal website, however I want to focus on travel to accomplish this goal.

    What happened.. I recently got a deal alert email for the DTW to Houston $150 RT, had the flight leave Sat morning get back Sunday night planned with a half marathon Sunday morning, waited for my buddy to text me back and lost out (Wife wants to be pregnant than, so she didn't want to go). Should have done the $14 lock price for 48 hours (DAH!). Lesson learned. Therefore, I need to rack up the miles so I can fly cheap, and capture price errors when they happen. My credit is excellent (18k limit on the SW Chase CC yesterday), already own a house so I don't care if my credit score goes up and down in the short period. Any advice is appreciated, and the most important thing is for me to read the forums!

    P.S. Disney World has had the best half marathons I've done to date, did two last year there.

    Thank you,
    Augustus Smash
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    Welcome to MP Augustus. Or should I say "Run Augustus, run!"
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    Best deal is not to wait on a friend, make a friend on the run, and another one on the next run....

    You just need to do is an Adventure


    SEA. 4/25 would be a nice going on next to the airport...
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