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Discussion in 'SAS | EuroBonus' started by BGO-commuter, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Finally, the lounges in AMS has been retired. The new lounge is next to the KLM lounge (go left after the first stores and up the stairs), and seems quite nice (even though some of the chairs from the old lounge has survived the move). A few desks, better view of the shopping area, and nice new furniture.

    When I visited the lounge they were still stocking it, so drinks were scarce and food was non existent. Even if they don't actually provide more services, it's nice to be in a refurbished lounge, and god knows AMS needed an upgrade.
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    Visited the lounge today. Agree with you regarding the new interior, whick looked rather nice. Drink selection was typical contract lounge, and the snack selection was not ended up grapping a pizza slice on my way to the plane
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  3. Was there last weekend and was very disappointed: the only snack was one choice of chips which didn't go very good with their nescafe.

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