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    We are excited to announce that today we are launching several new features in

    • Flight Timetables
    • Aircraft Equipment Change Alerts (Premium Subscribers Only)
    • Interline Agreement Information
    • Visa, Health & Passport Information

    Flight Timetables:
    • Shows flights timetable information, both for direct flights and connections, for different airlines between a pair of cities on a specific day or range of days
    • Can also search for all flights to or from a specific airport on a given day (*Beta feature, may be slower then the other searches.)
    • Ability to search only for non-stop/direct flights or include connecting flights
    • Advanced filtering options by airports, airlines, and type of flight

    Aircraft Equipment Change Alerts:
    • Monitor for changes to the aircraft equipment code returned for the Seat Map of a flight
    • No more surprise seat reassignments, ExpertFlyer will periodically check for an equipment change and notify you if a change is made
    • Part of the 30 Active alerts allowed at one time in the Premium service.

    Interline Agreement Information & Visa, Health & Passport Information:
    • Additions to the Travel Information tool
    • Interline Agreement search shows the airline codes that have an Interline Agreement with the specified airline
    • Visa, Health & Passport Information shows Visa/Entry requirements for travel based on your citizenship and departure country, as well as other country specific information for your destination

    We hope you find these new features useful in your travel planning. If you have any questions about using these features or wish to report any issues, please email us at

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