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    InsideFlyer is pleased to announce the addition of a valuable new tool - Dynamic Glossary and Airport Code Lookup.

    To uncover the meaning of any acronym, jargon, or airport code on milepoint, simply highlight the term (if it's a single word you can double click on it to highlight). A definition for the highlighted term will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    Here's an example you can practice on:
    "I resent being referred to as SLF by anyone. The good thing is that I scored an UG to BF on my next flight, which is a definite perk for being a VFF because the AVOD seems to actually work.

    Anyway, I'm headed for the RCC at ORD (hoping there are no C02s there) once I get though the WTMD and another Shoe Carnival. If I get lucky there will be at least one fast TDC and no NoS to contend with.

    Cool thing is that I might have time to visit the HOM before heading home."

    Note: We opted not to implement a solution that automatically popped up a definition when mousing over terms so as not to interfere with your normal reading of the forums. The Dynamic Glossary and Airport Code Lookup (DGACL :)) tool is on demand only. Also, if you would like to let us know of terms not currently in our glossary, please feel free to visit the master Glossary Page and click on the Contact Us to submit your term. Thank you.
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