New Door To Door Courier Service Now Delivers Clothes for Frequent Business Travelers

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    By avoiding baggage claims, the risk of lost luggage, and added airport security, Eclozets has become an attractive alternative in the world of business travel. Also save time at the dry cleaners and the inconveniences of packing, carrying and waiting around for suitcases.

    In the busy world of business travel, time is of the essence. With today's heightened airport security, extra luggage stops and airlines constantly losing luggage, frequent business travelers seem to be always fighting the clock. The Eclozets service gives the traveler time back.

    Eclozets has developed a streamlined courier service that allows business travelers to have their own business attire delivered safely to their arriving location. This concept is a first of its kind. They manage an inventory of your clothing meaning no more suitcases, garment bags or the risk of the airlines losing luggage. After the duration, Eclozets will pick everything up and send it back to the sorting hub. Here all clothing will be dry-cleaned, sorted and organized, ready for the next trip.
    The delivery service is currently available throughout USA, UK and Northern Europe, however, providing you travel in these countries you can setup an account from any origin.

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    I remember a thread about this or a similar service not that long ago. IIRC it wasn't really a delivery service in the true sense of the word... you basically send them your clothes and they store them in the hub. Then you call them up when you have a trip and tell them that you want them to send you the clothes you have stored to your destination.

    And when you're done you send your clothes back to the hub and they dry clean and store them.

    I guess it's good, as long as you don't mind wearing the same clothes on every trip. :) I suppose you can refresh the stuff in the hub every now and then, but depending on the cost you might be shooting yourself in the foot instead of putting up with the alleged hassle of packing.

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