New Delta Check-in at EWR

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    When I checked in today at Newark (EWR), I discovered that Delta has moved their check-in facilities from level 4 down to level 2 with celebratory balloons everywhere. While it is not clear to me that the customer experience will be all that much different, everyone of the Delta agents was pretty jazzed up about it.

    Newer equipment, better layout, a little more space, and fresh paint all make a difference when working a station day after day. Delta probably can’t do anything about the air traffic at this airport, but at least seems like they are doing what they can with their facilities.

    I have not seen any PR releases from Delta on this so it appears I happened into this right at its launch. Maybe Delta will give more details on these improvements might change the customer experience?

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    We noticed the balloons today and wondered why.... not really an improvement in service for those of us who check in on line and go straight to the gate with carry ons.

    As a side bar, we were in the SC at EWR for the first time ever because it's not a place that we go to often, but it's one of the nicer ones we've been in. Nice view of the skyline of NYC and good service, particularly when compared to the F/G SC at MSP or the new one at PHL.

    Bob H

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