New Canadian visa requirements for five countries

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    Concerns about human trafficking and fraudulent travel documents prompted the Canadian government to impose new visitor visa requirements on the citizens of five countries.

    Nationals from St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland will have to apply for a visa. To be approved, they will have to satisfy immigration officers that they "will not overstay their authorized stay" and "are not a security risk to Canadians," Citizenship and Immigration Canada said in a news release.

    "We continue to welcome genuine visitors to Canada," Minister Jason Kenney said in the release. "However, these visa requirements will give us a greater ability to manage the flow of people into Canada."

    The government said documents from St. Lucia and St. Vincent are "unreliable" because "criminals from these countries can legally change their names and acquire new passports."

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    Visa process' are a pain, but as a traveller who constantly needs to apply for them (I can't get into Japan, Australia, the EU, USA, Canada or even Taiwan without one) I can still understand the motivation of the countries putting them in place and trying to stop crime or a drain on their public resources. And if you have all your documents organized and ready like you should, each visa application becomes merely a formality and less of a shlep. It's just one small extra thing I have to do before travelling, much like booking a hotel in advance.

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