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Discussion in 'bmi | Diamond Club' started by flywrite, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Hi all, I've just been reading this post on GhettoIFE about the two new BMI credit cards that are available from MBNA.

    Here's the signup details

    So, as an existing BMI MasterCard holder, can anyone see a way to take advantage of the bonuses for signing up for these new cards?

    If I got my wife to sign up for the new one, could I add the bonus points to my own Diamond Club account?

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    I would first confirm with BMI or Mastercard if these are transferrable miles. In some cases promo, survey bonus miles do not transfer to a head of household acct.

    Also, be aware that BMI may look completely different in the not too distant future. There is much in the air regarding BD and potential merger opportunities that could change the credit card terms. (for ex. if you sign up for the card with 4k eqm annually, that may go away if DC goes away). It may be a very short lived benefit.
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    Although the alternative is of course that it could be grandfathered - like the old Tesco card.

    Given that the 4k bonus is per year and doesn't obviously roll over, I don't think the length of the benefit matters.

    If the 4k will help you this year or you want to earn at the higher rates then get the paid card - but do your sums to check it is worth it, and also note the caution about starting new long term saving in the BMI scheme.

    If you don't want or need the 4k or earning at higher rates, get the free card.

    If for any reason your circumstances change, adjust.

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