New airline tray table designs that could rock your in-flight world

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by sobore, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Airlines love to push cushier seats, more legroom and seat-to-seat chatting to woo fliers to their brand, but what about tray tables? They're not the sexiest selling point, but new designs with electronic tablets could change that.

    A company called SmartTray International is partnering with Northridge-based Satterfield Aerospace to develop tray tables for economy-class travelers that go beyond the so-last-century blocks of plastic on most planes today. "The only thing more abused on airplanes than travelers is the airline tray," SmartTray President Brian Queenin said Wednesday.

    The phrase has become his selling point for rethinking what has become many fliers' platform for entertainment or work. Most people in coach (me included) find it awkward to use a tablet or laptop while trying to juggle a soda and bag of peanuts in the same space.

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    IMHO any tray modifications intended to accomodate a particular gizmo are not too "smart", as those come and go very quickly. Also, current trays have smooth features for a reason, as any folds and crevices would be filled with disgusting dirt within weeks.
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    I think that the one attached to the rear of my seat last night, UA SFO - LAX, had a full Ginger Baker drum kit on it, or the kid was maybe Gene Krupa's grandson. Maybe UA has already upgraded the tray tables????

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    And if the groove isn't at exactly the right angle for the product YOU own, it's either worthless because of glare or totally unusable. Interesting concept.

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