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Discussion in 'SAS | EuroBonus' started by HerrO, May 8, 2014.

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    SAS will soon for the wide public announce new advantages for the EuroBonus Diamond program.

    This is a gift shop where you once a year can choose between a number of different gifts. Currently there is 4 to choose from.

    The first 4 gifts are:

    Quintessentially Lifestyle Concierge Service: ca. 8.0000-9.000,- dkk
    Urbanears Marshall Monitor hovedtelefoner: ca. 1.000-1.500,- dkk
    EatCard: 495,- dkk
    Cinima tickets: ca. 300-400,- dkk

    From May 16th there will be added more gifts to the list:

    20 rental films at Film2Home (op til 49 dkk. pr. film = 980 dkk)
    6 months free audio books from Storytel (99 dkk. pr. måned = 594 dkk)
    Free 1 year member card to the amusementpark Tusindfryd (Norge) (799 nok)

    DK Link

    I think it is a good thing to see that SAS will make a real difference between Gold and Diamond. Interesting to see the next steps they take on the journey to make EuroBonus better.

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    None of those really appeal and I am only 20K off being diamond. How about a few free upgrades or a nice room when I am staying in Raddisson or Skandic or not splitting me and my family up when we fly together. Lots of good ways to make us feel better than a free book club membership.
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