Never fly United with Kids!

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    I recently had a flight with United. I will Never fly them again. Not only did they bump us from our original flight, they had me sitting away from my 2 year old son! Then, they made us check our bass, which were carry on regulation due to the fact that they overbooked!! My son had a 3 and a half hour trip in wet diapers with wet clothes!! Then, on the way back, they did not send me my son's boarding pass. When I called they, the agent hung up on me. Again, they messed up the seats and when he go on the plane, we waited 2 hours before returning to the gate. They were then going to leave us stranded in Chicago with my 2 year old! Instead they said I was rude and I was switched to another carrier! The piolet intervened in a conversation that was not directed at him and was none of his business!! Everyone out there, never fly United!! Rude, rude, rude!
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    if they said you were rude, chances are fairly good you were. You certainly come across as very demanding (including of things you are not entitled to on any carrier) and short tempered. A positive attitude goes a long way. A negative one gets what you experienced.

    And overbooking had nothing to do with you needing to check anything.

    You will not get significantly different from most other domestic carriers, except by luck.
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    Welcome to milepoint? :confused:
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    Well, I for one would have applauded UA's decision to force you to check your bass in. Nothing like rude passengers who want to stink up the cabin bringing their fish on with them. :)
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    I've flown United with my (now) 4 year old for some time, and we've had issues in the past because of equipment changes or general problems with the reservations, and the only recourse that they have given us is to rely on the kindness of the people onboard to allow you to switch seats so you can sit together.

    I assume that you mean "sitting away" from your 2 year old, but not necessarily him sitting by himself, since that wouldn't be allowed -- and I doubt that any passenger would want to sit next to some stranger's baby. :)

    With that said, checking the bags would be unacceptable, and you shouldn't have tolerated it. If you mentioned that you had diapers and food for the kid in there, no FA in their right mind would force you to do this. Keep in mind that we generally don't carry "traditional" carry-on precisely to avoid this, but instead use a reasonably sized backpack which contains all the snacks and other in-flight "necessities" -- and used to carry diapers, formula and all that other good stuff before he graduated from it.

    Personally, I would kindly ask to get off the plane if I was "forced" to do either one of those two things.
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    Welcome to the Venting Place,

    Use to fly Delta, in the prop day, the guys would get on with their fishing poles, it was kind of fun, as long as the fish was on ice who cares...

    You would think a mother would bring some spare diapers, and be prepared,

    Oh well smelly diapers, screaming it was a great trip...

    Sometime it is just nice to stay home, and take the dog for a walk..

    Shut up dog, and quit raising your leg every time we come up to a Fire Hydrant...

    My dogs a good guy, he loves to walk....I do carry a plastic bag, nice to be prepared, Crap happens...

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