Nerd Wallet Features UsingMiles in "Up in the Air: Best Business Travel Sites"

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    So you’re a business traveler. This means you have airport security down to a science. And you’re glued to your laptop during the flight. You’re always chasing after taxis. Oh, and your suits are always wrinkled. What does a business traveler have to do to make life easier? Well, NerdWallet found these eight sites that will make traveling less of a hassle.

    If you worry about the security of the Internet connection you are using, make sure you use SpotFlux. Your internet traffic is encrypted and sent through the SpotFlux filter which removes ads, tracking cookies, viruses and malware. Additionally, SpotFlux protects your location and your devices’ identities, so you won’t be afraid to work anywhere.

    UsingMiles simplifies your life by gathering all of your loyalty programs in one place. Instead of having multiple accounts for your frequent flyer miles and hotel points, you just log onto UsingMiles. UsingMiles searches for flight and dining deals based on your account information. If you sign up for their premier accounts, you can even find awards for your specific programs. UsingMiles is offering a special deal just for NerdWallet users: sign up here for a free premium account! We just wish everything could be this easy.

    So you’re in a new city. The public transportation system is terrible, and taxis are impossible to hail. You need a car for a day or two, but car rental prices are astronomical! RelayRides is here for you. Owners list their cars on the website. All renters have to do is search through thousands of car listings to find the ideal car and request a reservation. Then just meet up with the owner at a designated time and place to get the key. It’s that easy. RelayRides has insurance to protect the owner, so there’s no worry that someone will run off with your car. (Note to renters: don’t run off with the car.)

    Luggage Free
    Are you sick of paying all those pesky airline baggage fees? Try Luggage Free. Pack up your luggage like you’ll check them in. Then call up Luggage Free, give them your address and choose a pick-up time. Luggage Free shows up, takes your things, and magically transports them to your destination. They’ll drop it off wherever and whenever you like, including nights and weekends. This is an especially handy service for oversized or overweight luggage (your boss’s golf clubs, anyone?).

    We know you’re always on-the-go, so let’s simplify the rest of your life. Billeo makes on-line bill paying even more efficient. You’ll never have to enter your card number again. Set up Billeo’s free Bill Pay Assistant and link to your card (or cards). Then just automate your bill payments so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to pay your electric bill because you were in New York. You can even access your account from your smart phone or tablet!

    Tired of looking for the radio stations in every city? Stitcher is a customizable smart radio. You can choose which radio shows and podcasts you especially love and stream it directly to your computer without have to access their streaming sites. So create your custom station—who says you can’t mix NPR with the Onion? Best of all, you can sync your stations on your smart phone or iPad so you can continue listening as you catch that taxi.

    Room 77
    Yes, Room 77 is another hotel booking site, but I swear it’s better than whatever you’ve been using. Room 77 searches for hotel deals for your specific loyalty programs. If you’re trying to only look for Hiltons to rack up points, Room 77 has you covered—they’ll find the lowest priced Hilton in the city of your destination. Want to take advantage of your AAA membership? No problem, Room 77 can find AAA discounts too. Room 77 can even combine the two so you get both your loyalty points from the Hilton and an AAA-discounted price. Room 77 will even show you TripAdvisor’s ratings so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you book. Right now there’s a special summer discount: if you book before September 4, Room 77 will pay for your Wi-Fi. So go ahead, try them out.

    Check these sites out. We promise you’ll come back to thank us for making every business trip easier. You’ll be able to focus on your work and not on the little things that make traveling such a hassle.
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