Need suggestions for award redemptions ex-UK

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    I am based in the US, but my in-laws reside in the UK. For my mother-in-law's 70th birthday, we wanted to redeem miles to fly her and my father in-law somewhere exotic (to them). All my redemptions have been from the US, so I am really at a loss for good ideas on good redemptions from the UK. I'd really appreciate some ideas on possible sweet spots from the UK to anywhere (well, besides the US as they come here often) in biz class. Minimizing fuel surcharges will be very important. I have almost 300,000 MR and another 300,000 UR as well as a 100,000 or so each in DL, AA and UA. I have 400,00 Avios too but fuel surcharges are making those unappealing for this trip.

    So, I'd appreciate some ideas. Asia? Caribbean? Africa?
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    Both BA and DL are awful for ex-UK TATL because DL has the hated IOS and BA the fuel surcharge, meaning you'll be forced to pay basically the same as a low-season Y revenue ticket for the redemption.

    But you can use BA Avios effectively. Set up an IB Avios account. Wait 3 months. Move your BA Avios over to IB Avios. Redeem TATL on IB ex-MAD or AB ex-BER. Enjoy the difference between IB Avios and the BA version.... you may need positioning flights and in any case, a separate Y itin to your gateway from UK will save you the whacking APD on J tix ex-UK so will in any case be net lower cost.

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