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Discussion in 'Star Alliance' started by corz123, Dec 19, 2013.

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    Hey guys for my outbound out of HND I've found two options that seems almost equally appealing. I'd like some input regarding the two products with regard to the total experience (food/lounge/service/seat) as I'm planning to make a decision soon:

    Luftansa First 777. I believe this is the new first w/ the flat bed.
    ANA Square First

    It's a daytime flight so not sure how much sleeping I'll do. Thanks in advance!
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    IME ANA is the winner onboard, but this is like choosing between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, they are different and there will be clear preferences but they're both a trifle over-the-top. I am pleased with both of them but prefer LH on the ground in MUC and FRA and prefer ANA in the air.

    LH is definitely the Spartan choice. The seats are firmish and the service is very proper, but there is nothing at all to complain about. The food is very good and the wines are first class. The coffee is always perfect, as it should be. The amenities are proper too, but nothing to become ecstatic. OTOH, the First Class Lounges (the dedicated FC ones, not the others) and First Class Terminal are home of rubber duckies in the showers, excellent meal service and rides to your next flight in an MD or a Porsche.

    ANA has very comfortable beds and facilities and is attentive and very, very professional. The food, especially the Japanese food, is among the best I have ever had on an aircraft. There is a boarding area review that typifies the offerings although I'm even more enthused than is the reviewer. The Rimowa amenities bag might be worth choosing ANA all by itself, if you're as easily impressed as am I.
    Frankly, you can hardly make an error here, but were it me, I'd probably choose ANA unless I expected to have a long transit time at destination, in which case i probably would go for LH. Also, I might go to LH anyway to take the A380, if that is available, because the spaciousness and calm are beyond anything else.

    That is my view, but I'm sure there will be otehr people who see it differently. For once, it's impossible to make a bad choice between these two!
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