Need Help: Anyone knows of non-BA flight to Europe

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by flynhwn, Apr 2, 2014.

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    I've been trying to get to Europe on a 40K award and have not been able to find any destination that does not fly thru England. Seems like all the flights are now with BA and fly thru London. Found one AA flight to London which would have the fuel tax but still had the landing fees at Heathrow. My JFK to Milan flight is now gone and I want to go to Europe this May but can't find a flight. Anyone know of a city that I can fly to. Tried Milan, Paris, Helsinki, Oslo, and Amsterdam. I can get a few coming back but nothing going to Europe.
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    I assume your trying to use 40k in Avios? If so you can now book US Air flights. I don't know the exact miles required but you should be able to do JFK-CDG. If not look for flights to Dublin or Shannon on Aer Lingus, US, AA out of NYC or BOS. Once you get to Ireland you can cheaply get to other places in Europe on miles or dollars.
    The other advantage is you save on fuel surcharges if you stay out of London on BA. There is also a lot of space limits. I was searching hard for a 3 person award flight this Summer to almost anywhere in the EU and couldn't find much. Some CDG and FRA, FCO and DUB.
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    Have you looked at JFK-MAD on Iberia, or Air Berlin through Germany? I don't know what the situation with surcharges are, but those are a couple of other options to Europe.

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