Need a 4-Segment (UA) run from ORD

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  1. Just came across milepoint today, and love the site thus far!

    I'm CO Platinum and am at 57 Segments YTD. I've yet to ever go on a MR/SR, so this is new to me. I have a $200 & $50 credit from UA which I would like to apply (I don't think I can use it on CO operated flights)? I have December 5th-26th off. A few questions:

    1. Does anyone have any good routes from ORD in mind? I'd prefer something on a A320 or greater (so I can try to at least do this as an upgrade).
    2. Does it make sense to just book a RT with a connection both ways (4 segments) or a connection + 1 way?
    3. Is it better to book via ITA Matrix or directly with UA?
    4. I have plenty of hotel points, so does it make sense to do this in 1 day or 2 (which is cheaper)?

    I'm willing to spend ~$100 out-of-pocket to get a better route on larger equipment. However, if it's cheaper to go East vs. West from ORD (and possibly do it in 1 day), I wouldn't mind ERJ type aircraft to get it done faster.

    Any help would be awesome!
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    Take the train or bus up to MKE. Book MKE-ORD-somewhere-ORD-MKE. Accidentally forget to take the last flight and go home.

    On ITA search it as MKE :: UA ORD UA+ to BOS;WAS;ATL and choose 300 mile radius and you should get a few options. You can put mid-west or other airports in there, too.
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    ORD to DEN/IAD can get you the 4segs easily, granted you will do some fun rj riding but it will get you the seg's or just run out of MKE. I know there was an ORD<>ITH segment run. I am looking at one myself.

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