National Emerald/Executive Aisle Car Selection Criteria

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    So does anyone know how National selects what cars go into the EA/XA? I know EA should all be at least Midsized & XA are Fullsize & up.

    For EA I've seen Stnd Sport Cars (Challengers, etc) & Convertibles.

    XA I've seen Minivans, SUVs and Premium cars. However its not really consistent. What determines what car gets pulled into the EA/XA vs the category aisles?

    And if you don't see anything you really like in the EA/XA, can you (ie: EA) goto the midsized row and just take one from there? How about XA, can you go and pick a Prem/SUV/etc ?
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    I always thought it was based on what they have an excess of which otherwise meets the other criteria (stuff like under 10K miles (though I've been rented one with almost 20K)).

    I've never been turned down renting any non-specialty car whether or not it was actually from the Emerald Isle -- and was always charged the rate shown on my reservation. Except... once I reserved an SUV at a special rate which was significantly lower than even the rate for a midsize. But I really hated the selection of SUVs that day so I decided to switch to a midsize instead. I got charged the higher midsize rate, not the lower promotional SUV rate.
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