National Car Rental 1-2-FREE 2014 Promo Referral Conga

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    The basic idea of this promo is that you can earn 300 points for each 2 day (or longer) rental, and for every 600 points earned you get a free day. So, for example, if you can find a two day (probably weekend) rental for only $20, you could earn a free rental day for a total of $40.

    Be aware that you must rent a mid-size of above for this promo to work--- and if you have an upgrade coupon that books you from a compact into a mid-size, the rental will not qualify. [I found this out the hard way for the 2013 promo that you must book mid-size or higher]

    However, there are other ways to get points for this promo too, as seen in the graphic:


    The promotion runs through January 31, 2015 and free days can be redeemed through June 15, 2015.

    To qualify for the promo, you must register with this promo prior to your rental beginning.

    The idea of a referral conga is so that one gets referral credit for the next person that signs up via your referral. :) So the person that signs up after me posts their referral link, and the next person signs up via the next link, and so on--- like a conga line.

    Since National doesn't give the option to have a referral for a direct URL referral link when you click on the referral options [only 'send an email' or Facebook are the referral options], what I did was to choose the "share on Facebook" option. Then after that link was autoposted on my Facebook page, I clicked on the link it created.

    Here is my referral link:

    Let the conga begin! :)
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