Nara gathers ‘digital DNA’ to find you the perfect hotel room

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    Nara is channeling its “digital DNA” technology to help you find the perfect hotel room.
    Nara is a “computational neuroscience company” that analyzes user behavior and uses artificial intelligence to make personalized recommendations. It draws inspiration from how the brain manages information to create a cloud-based “neural network” that can identify and understand your tastes. Founder and CEO Tom Copeman said the goal is to shift the Internet from search-based to find-based.
    ““The Internet is chock-full of information and data, but it takes hours of wasted search time to mine through it,” Copeman said to VentureBeat. “Rather than continue with the mass of confusing web clutter, Nara’s mission is to design and engineer a more personable, actionable and liberating web to achieve a life well found. The Internet has become a big, giant haystack, and Nara helps you find the needle.”
    A brain trust of MIT astrophysicists, neuroscientists, computer scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs began building Nara’s technology in 2010. The first application of the system focused on personalized restaurant recommendations. Nara combines analysis of your activity with analysis of millions of restaurant reviews and descriptions to make suggestions about restaurants you are likely to like. You thumb restaurants up or down to refine your presences.
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