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Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by gobluetwo, Jul 7, 2012.

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    I just noticed a change in the way names appear when checking in. I just checked in for a flight tomorrow and my name shows up as Last Firstmidd. This explains why last time I was at the airport, the agent was confused about my name. It used to just show LAST FIRSTM. Anyone else notice this? Whats the deal? My boarding pass shows LAST/FIRSTMIDDLE. That is, full middle name attached to the first name. Is this a system limitation of some sort, not being able to handle middle names? I shudder to think how those with 4+ names are handled in the system!
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    I have 4 names, and this is how they told me to do in sUA, and how I do it on UA today: If my full name is John Bob Andrew Smith, and in order to get around the 4 name issue, they list my first name as "JOHNBA" and my last name as "SMITH", so the BP says" SMITH/JOHNBA. Never had an issue with any check in, immigration, TSA, etc.
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    i wonder, if there's a standard format that each airline uses - but my guess is: probably not :)

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