Name change on Marriott stay (already in progress)

Discussion in 'Marriott | Rewards' started by NYBanker, Oct 31, 2012.

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    We are staying a room booked under our friend's name. They checked in for us (they previously booked, but decided to tough it out at home). The hotel, a full service Marriott, would not let them leave a key in an envelope for us at the front desk.

    I have a Ritz gold card, and would like to earn the stay points. I am paying for the stay, and actually the one staying here. I need to get them to add my name to the booking, or swap it over entirely to my name. Normally, I wouldn't be worried about doing this...but if they wouldn't hold a key in an envelope when the named guests checked in (I've done that countless times, mainly before I was married ;)), I'm a little worried about broaching the subject with the front office.

    Should I ask tomorrow...or wait till check out? I'm a tiny bit fearful they'll try to get cute with the room when I ask. Thoughts?
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    Your friend should be able to add your name to the reservation. Once that is done, there should be no problem in changing the account number for points. I've done that before at several hotels.

    If that does not work, then I would go to the hotel manager and explain the situation. I can't imagine he would not change things for you.

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