My Routing Won't Fit in the Title: United/SWISS/Emirates A380/Thai 77W First + Singapore Business

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    ....because this is the routing:

    Sorry for my laziness ... this was a month-long trip from mid-April to mid-May. The main reason was a relative's wedding in India. I decided to add extended stops in Northern Vietnam (on my sister's bucket list), Bangkok, and Hong Kong (to visit some relatives), and routing rules afforded me day-long stops in Singapore and London. I wrote the TR on TOBB and have been meaning to bring it over to MP.

    The routing was airline and airport gluttony: LAX-SFO-FRA-ZRH-HKG-BKK-SIN-BOM on UA, LH, LX, EK, and SQ, BOM-SIN-HAN on SQ, HAN-BKK on QR (economy), BKK-HKG on EK again, HKG-BKK-FRA on TG, FRA-LHR on LH, and LHR-LAX on UA. That sentence right there was probably the reason why the Milepoint glossary was made .... if a code is unrecognizable, just highlight it :)

    LAX-SFO-FRA-ZRH-HKG/HKG-BKK-FRA-LHR-LAX was on a US Airways First Class award, back when SWISS was still releasing first class space to partners. All of those miles were earned through the 2011 Grand Slam. While it is now not possible to fly Lufthansa or SWISS First with US miles (due to either US blocking the space or LX not giving space), that region is an absolute bargain, and I plan to utilize it again to fly other *A carriers to North Asia. Well, except United. My LHR-LAX segment convinced me never to waste miles on them.

    HKG-BKK/BKK-HKG was a paid ticket on Emirates. My LX flight arrived HKG at around 5pm and EK's left at about 10pm, so it was a comfortable connection. I originally booked one-way in First and one-way in Business, but decided to upgrade my return leg to First. Because of the amount of fifth freedom competition on this route, paid tickets are actually not that bad -- a return in Business is about $650US and First is attainable for under $1000. This seemed like a great way to make my first A380 in a First Class Suite. Not only that, but Alaska was offering double miles for Emirates flights!

    BKK-SIN-BOM/BOM-SIN-HAN was another US Airways award, intra-South Asia for 30K in business. No stopovers allowed on intra-region, but open-jaws are allowed. I overnighted in BKK after my EK flight, then flew the first SQ flight out to SIN, where I spent the day there before taking a late-night/early-morning flight to BOM. Again, an incredible bargain on the US chart, considering that the region goes as far west as India, as far east as the Philippines, and includes the hubs of SQ (which gives out decent regional business space) and TG. Coach is 25K, but Business is only 30K on US. It's so much of a bargain that I booked my sister one-way BOM-SIN-HAN for 30K US (no one-ways on US) which was still cheaper than 40K on UA one-way.

    HAN-BKK was bought on Qatar for about $115, as it was cheaper and better-timed than Air Asia. The flight was at midnight and barely an hour long on their 77W, so I didn't see the point in buying business class for $265.

    The whole copy & paste thing is not my thing, so instead, I'm just going to post the links here. Just a warning, I've been told by several people that they wasted an entire workday reading this, so sit down to read with some time. Maybe a drink as well.

    1. Introduction
    2. United LAX-SFO, United International First Class Lounges at LAX/SFO
    3. United Global First, SFO-FRA
    4. Lufthansa First Class Terminal at FRA
    5. Lufthansa FRA-ZRH, SWISS First Class Lounge at Zürich
    6. SWISS First Class, ZRH-HKG
    7. Emirates A380 First Class Suites, HKG-BKK
    8. Singapore Business Class, BKK-SIN
    9. Exploring Singapore (on a 14-hour stopover)
    10. Singapore Business Class, SIN-BOM
    11. Singapore Business Class, BOM-SIN (no photos)
    12. Singapore Business Class, SIN-HAN
    13. Hanoi / Ha Long Bay
    14. Qatar Economy Class, HAN-BKK
    15. Bangkok / Park Plaza Soi 18
    16. Emirates A380 First Class Suites, BKK-HKG
    17. Hong Kong
    18. Thai/United First Class Lounges at HKG, Thai First Class HKG-BKK
    19. Thai Royal First Lounge + Royal Orchid Spa at BKK
    20. Thai Royal First Class Suites, BKK-FRA
    21. Lufthansa European Business Class, FRA-LHR; a day in London (actually 23h50m, to avoid the APD :))
    22. Star Alliance Lounge at LHR, BMI (British Airways) Great British Lounge
    23. United Global First, LHR-LAX

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    Thanks for the report! Your info on Singapore, Hong Kong and SQ is really useful for me as I'm planning a trip there. And your description of boarding a flight at BOM cracked me up.
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    Great read! Looked like an amazing trip.
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