My last flight on AMR and first customer service with AAL

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    On December 8 I flew AMR from MIA to STL, and enjoyed the great service and preselected meal, especially when I compared that to DL ATL-STL which I frequently fly. AA has more space in F and meal service too, while DL serves only the unappetizing fat-laden snacks and bananas.

    However my checked bag was delayed (I later discovered that TSA was the culprit as a result of the large "suspicious" sticker on the exterior of the bag and the TSA notice inside). AMR had SMSed me of the delay while I was still in the air so I made the claim and was gone in minutes.

    I was updated on the bag progress during the next 20 hours several times before the bag was delivered and was called by AAL just now to ask me how it all went.

    If I must have a delayed bag, this is a superb way to handle the issue on the part of AMR/AAL. I am impressed!!
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    My last AMR flight was December 8 and I ended up assisting with a medical issue in-flight.

    My first AAL customer service interaction spoke about how the airline is committed to on-time operations and inflight amenities (the flight was delayed 3hr40mins, aircraft was a Super-80 - guess seats count as amenities - and the flight was not catered due to ice storm at DFW).

    EXP with AA now, so I'm looking forward to lots of F meals, snack baskets, and no checked baggage ;)

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