My HNL CBP Experience today

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    Had my NEXUS since Oct 2011 with Iris scan and all...from Halifax during a cruise stop.
    Mr Higal got his separately at DTW this year and got a CBP sticker on his passport at the same time.

    Since I was at the HNL airport for business other than travel (and at a time when CBP office still was open), I decided to just pop in and get a CBP sticker for my passport. I know there's been different reports from people about not needing the stickers to use GE but I had some time to kill...

    Entered and spoke to the first officer about getting the sticker - he didn't know anything about it. He spoke to another officer who said no. I asked politely if they were sure because it said on my GOES account that i am automatically approved to use the GE kiosks. I said it was a fairly new policy. A third officer from the back came out and started asking me if I had my interview with GE. I said no but had with NEXUS. He asked me how much I paid for it - I told him $50. He told me in no uncertain terms that there is no such policy and that the travel security was very serious and if anyone tries to mess around with it - could mean trouble. At this time, he was a little belligerent. I politely mentioned my husband got his sticker at the same time when he was in DTW. He replied that it was because it was done by US customs since it was on the border---duh. I put my card and passport away, thanked him and started to leave. A lady from CA who was in HNL on vacation was waiting for her GE interview had heard the whole exchange. She suggested that maybe I could give them my information since I was already there and they could check if I was indeed approved. She said the CBP guys were only doing their job...blah,blah...maybe I could print out the new policy so I had something to show them...blah,blah. OK...I came back and asked if the officer could check for me....of course, since the office is so small, they heard the whole conversation. The first officer came back out and took down my name and NEXUS number and passport info and the third officer made a phone call. I sat back down to wait and chat with the woman. I was told that they were on the phone with the SFO office and they did not want me to have to wait and (hinted strongly) that it was better if they call me when they found out anything...

    Well, 30 minutes later, that third officer called me and was very apologetic that their office never received any bulletins because it was only sent to...blah, blah.. but not to HNL. He told me the memo he got from SFO said (reading it to me)1- I have to go online to my GOES account and sign up for a new account. 2- fill out an application for GE and it would be approved or not. 3- I should get a letter stating if I could come into the office and get a sticker...I decided to keep my mouth shut - apologized for the trouble and thanked him for calling me back ( I don't remember them actually asking for my number...)

    Anyway, next time I want to kill some time...shoot me first.
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    Wow, what a fiasco. Good thing he told you how serious travel security is. :D:rolleyes:
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    I stopped in at the SEA office as I have the Nexus card and a CBP sticker on my US passport, but I did ask them about the Global Entry card, I was wondering what would happen when I got my new US passport and that it would have no sticker on it. I was told that if ever stopped after using the Global Entry kiosk to just show them my Nexus card.

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